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AIMI is looking for both faculty partners and industry partners. Complete the form at the bottom of this page to discuss your interests as they relate to AIMI.

Become an AIMI Faculty AI Expert Partner

  • Apply for seed grant funding for AI or ML research. 
  • Find industry partners for long-term funding and collaboration. 
  • Build a better understanding of challenges facing prominent industries.
  • Apply your research to develop solutions for the industries that are powering society.

Become an AIMI Industry Partner

  • Partner with Penn State on developing solutions to problems facing your company or industry.
  • Propose research ideas to Penn State’s AI and ML researchers.
  • Help select new projects to fund.
  • Share ownership of the intellectual property of solutions developed through AIMI.
  • Connect with Penn State AI/ML researchers doing work in areas of interest to you. 

AIMI Membership
AIMI’s paid membership model allows our industry partners to propose areas where AI research can positively impact businesses and society. AIMI members establish topics for calls for proposals, then Penn State researchers propose AI and ML solutions. AIMI partners help to select projects to fund, with all members sharing intellectual property of the funded projects. Key benefits include:

  • Excellent mechanism for exploratory, pre-competitive research whose costs and benefits are shared among multiple industry partners
  • First access to results of IUCRC funded research
  • Intellectual property options for any AIMI projects that result in patents
  • Collaborative engagements with highly talented researchers and students 
  • Education on many relevant research projects in the topic of interest
  • Access to outstanding Penn State research facilities including ICDS computational and data infrastructure, shared instrumentation etc.
  • Networking with peers
  • Mentoring and recruitment of talented junior scientists

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